These are questions I’ve been asked over the last few years of exploring. It might seem presumptuous of me to do this while my post count is still low, but I’ve been posting these photos elsewhere for awhile and just launched this site in July 2013.

Q) What does Adventure Bible School mean? 

A) It’s a spoof on a church camp of the same name, which I used to attend/love as a kid.  I also have a history of choosing terrible joke names for my creative endeavors.  If you are the real Adventure Bible School (which I think is a video game now?) please don’t sue me, if that’s even a thing that happens.

Q) Are the places on Adventure Bible School the only place you’ve gone? 

A) Nope, they’re only a small fraction of the places I’ve explored, I’m just posting slowly due to time constraints and general laziness.

Q) Why do you name some locations and not others? 

A) If a location is well traveled, I’ll post the name because it doesn’t really matter. But if the place is unknown and/or special to me and I don’t want a buncha punk youths taggin’ it all up, I’ll probably use a moniker. Or if the place is really dangerous, since I don’t want to be responsible for any idiots getting hurt.

Q) Is it dangerous to explore abandoned places? 

A) Sure, if you’re a pussy.

Q) What about security and cops? This one time I almost got caught while exploring this old warehouse and blahblahblah…

A) Aw, you got a lil’ story about almost getting busted? Did you nearly get caught by security but you hid in the bushes or a closet for half an hour until they left and then you ran like the dickens and totally made it out? Do you fucking hate cops? Well I don’t fucking care. Unless your story falls within the small percentage of cop/security stories that are actually unique/funny/interesting, then I don’t want to hear it. Because the thing is, I don’t hate cops or security guards, they’re just doing their jobs. And trying to keep people out of derelict places where they could fall through the floor and kill themselves sounds fair enough to me. Of course some cops are total dicks, but so are some explorers. And yeah, getting busted sucks and making a quick getaway is exhilarating, but 90% of those stories are like when someone tries to tell you the plot to a TV show you’ve never seen and have no plans of watching and they’re all, “and then this happens and a person says this thing and then they go somewhere,” and you’re like “BOOOORING!” Although that said, I have some good stories so if you ever run into me, ask me about the Willard, Six Flags New Orleans and that dump in Otisville.

Q) There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this link that’s related to all this, but on the off chance you haven’t, should I send it to you? 

A) Depends. If it’s a site/article/photography of a place that’s not too well known, then yeah, send it to juliajwertz@gmail.com or tweet at me. But if it’s one of those “best abandoned places” lists or any garbage from Buzzfeed or the Daily Mail, do NOT send that to me. That’s the exploring equivalent of when my mom emails me a link to a NYT article about the city I live in, which is located in NYC, and she KNOWS I read the NYT. GAH!

Q) I know of this cool abandoned place but it’s not near New York, should I even bother telling you about it?

A) Yup! I travel often so it’s highly likely I might pass through the area eventually. Especially when I live out my dream of fleeing New York in a Winnebago and just driving around for a year. Haha kidding, I’m not 19. (I’m totally not kidding)

Q) Is this your day job? 

A) No, don’t be ridiculous, my day job is doodling and writing fart jokes.

If you have a question and want an answer, you can email me at juliajwertz(at)gmail(dot)com

DOs and DON’Ts of emailing:

DO email me any info, tips, maps, locations, suggestions, etc…that you think I might be interested in.

DON’T email me with concerns about my being properly prepared, having a first aid kit, wearing boots and masks, etc…I already know all that. I’m not new to exploring, I’m only new to openly posting about it on the internet.

DO email me factual corrections about stories in which I might have made mistakes. Internet research is dubious and I am not a journalist so there is no one fact checking my work except me, and I don’t trust myself.

DON’T  be a dick about it.