Apr 292015
Bottle Beach at Dead Horse Bay

To read about the history of Bottle Beach and Dead Horse Bay, please go to the New Yorker to read my comic about it! Then come back here to enjoy this gallery of photos. These round bottom bottles were made in the mid 1800’s and up. It’s fairly rare to find something like this still intact at Bottle Beach. Many bottles have been strung up on a downed tree at the shoreline over the years. […read more…]

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Apr 052015
Brooklyn Navy Yard: Naval Hospital & Admiral's Row

Perpetual disclaimer as of April 2015: The majority of my Adventure Bible School posts from here on out will be mostly photography based, as my work projects are now taking up all my time. I’ll be doing a monthly installment of comics based on secret NYC history stuff for the New Yorker, as well as working on an illustration gig and my own book, Impossible People. If you want to read posts here with more […read more…]

Feb 272015
Jayhawk State Theatre

The Jayhawk State Theater of Topeka Kansas was a permission visit during a road trip I took in 2013, so I don’t have any good stories for you. I also don’t have time to do discuss the theater’s history (beyond mentioning that it operated from 1926-1976) so this is just a gallery post. For said history, please go to After The Final Curtain.               For more photos, go to my Jayhawk State […read more…]

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Feb 092015
Cityscape commissions

I’m currently accepting commissions for cityscapes (see samples below) for $250-$350. I know that’s kinda high, but they take me a couple days to draw. I can do most city or town scenes, but with a focus on blocks, buildings or stores. The $250 range is for a store (like Word) and $350 for city blocks or elaborate buildings (like Village East & Greenpoint/Cheap Charlies block) The art is done on roughly 9×12 art paper […read more…]

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Jan 072015
Grafton State Hospital

In the ridiculous world of urban exploring, there is a common phenomenon one could aptly refer to as the “money shot,” meaning an explorer will spend all day dicking around in asbestos-laden rubble just to photograph one, infamous scene. The Grafton State Hospital hydrotherapy tubs are a prime example of that. But before I get into it, here’s a quick history: Grafton State Hospital was built in 1901 in Grafton, MA, as part of a […read more…]

Nov 172014
Athens Lunatic Asylum

I’ve spent the night at a couple of asylums over the years, mostly for photographic and legal reasons (like, you know, avoiding the cops and shit. I suppose “illegal” would have been a more appropriate word choice) but Athens was maybe one of the toughest nights I’ve had, despite being indoors and fairly warm. It was rough because I was trapped in a room with three snoring, farting dudes and I had the wicked road […read more…]

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Nov 052014
Found #9: The Kennedy Telegrams

Before I get into this, please note that I am fully aware this “discovery” could be nothing more than simply a spectacular coincidence of names and dates, or a result of human error. These telegrams were handwritten decades before the digital, fact checked records kept by institutions today. That said, I’m choosing to indulge the more mysterious, conspiracy laden angle, because it’s fun. I’m also aware that entertaining a Kennedy conspiracy theory puts me in the […read more…]