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One of my favorite aspects of exploring, besides the actual act of it, is researching the histories of the places I visit. I don’t like to go into buildings I know nothing about and be all ooooh ghosts and gas masks and graffiti and such. I like to know what I’m looking at, I don’t believe in ghosts, gas masks are for babies and graffiti is for jerks. I can spend four hours exploring a place and four days researching it just because I like facts SO MUCH, and most of the abandoned places I explore have prodigious and often scandalous pasts. I get all excited to match the stories with the photos and as an added bonus, I have a few good party stories. (I said as if I ever actually went to parties.)

And then there are places like the New Rochelle Water Company. I don’t have much to say about it because information is scarce. I read a bit about it from some old town history book but I read it about five times because I kept doing that thing that happens when you’re trying to concentrate but you’re thinking about something else and your eyeballs read a few paragraphs but your brain doesn’t process the words and then you snap out of it and start over, only to do the same thing again and again until you finally give up and just lay there and run that lil’ hamster wheel in your brain until you fall into a fitful sleep and dream about trying to survive the apocalypse without any shoes on. No? Just me? Fine, whatever, enjoy these photos, you liar.





IMG_3440 copy 2

IMG_3426 copy


IMG_3452 copy 2

IMG_3419 IMG_3415 IMG_3409


IMG_3384 IMG_3399   IMG_3379 IMG_3366


You can see more photos in the New Rochelle Water Co flickr set 


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