Nov 012013

Following found things #1, here are a few more random finds from my exploring trips. Again, these are pretty much all from my instagram account, although they’re not ordered by date or location.


This cluster of old candy wrappers, straws and gum was underneath a loose step in a vaudeville-turned film-turned porno theater in Alabama. I was all excited to see the old straws you always see in movies and kids books about movies, so I took one home, but it was gross and I’m trying really hard to learn the lesson between garbage and treasures but I’m remarkably bad at it. (see below)


It’s said that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but sometimes one man’s trash should be everyone’s trash. I did not keep this, but I wasn’t above not considering it for at least three minutes.


HUDSON VALLEY STATE HOSPITAL. Lol, I said with all sincerity. This is a mistake made by an electrical company that did work at Hudson RIVER State Hospital. The mistake is somewhat forgivable, being that Hudson worked with the nearby Harlem Valley State Hospital, aka Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, hence the valley vs river mistake. This was discovered in an attic and chortled over with the kind of nerd delight one might express when discovering your high school algebra teacher once failed a math test in grade school.


Stamped silverware atop a metal letterpress form for patient medication and laboratory prescriptions. Finding stamped silverware is becoming harder and harder since it’s a common thing for people to collect.

IMG_5621 copy

A friend and I once devoted the majority of a 13 hour exploring day to hunting down the old kirkbride blueprints. After rummaging through junk for hours, we finally located the nearly 100 year old blueprints in the back of a basement file room. But of course, they fell apart the second I touched them, because everything I touch dies. I mean, falls apart. Or gets destroyed. Basically I ruin everything, is what I’m trying to say.


Check out this lil’ guy- he doesn’t give any fucks about living in the underground tunnels of an abandoned asylum.


Some kind of multi-blade scythe at a biotech “anti-toxin laboratory” where, according to the brochures found on the property, vaccines and other medical experiments were performed on animals. There were cages and horse stables in the building, it was kind of a bummer.


It’s hard out there for a lil’ guy trying to make it in the big shitty. Nnnggggg I said it and I regret it.

Adventure Bible School

An old Westinghouse fan. These things retail (as antiques of course) anywhere from $10 to $400, depending on how big a sucker you are.

You like old fans? Good, because here’s two more:


IMG_6281    IMG_6608

Obviously this isn’t a found thing, but I wanted to include it just so you’d know what a pumpkin carving genius I am. I hate Halloween though, it’s for children and assholes, two things which are often interchangeable. Look, I’m sure Halloween in normal towns is delightful, I won’t deny the cuteness of a kid dressed as a shark or the delight of eating candy until you puke, but in NYC, it turns a casual trip to the corner bodega into a fresh nightmare of agoraphobia and misanthropy.


You wanted to see this from another angle, right? Just to bask in the glory of a light design made out of sheer laziness? I had a lot of other stuff to do, like trying to explain why I love horror movies, but hate torture porn, and how haunted house movies are my favorite, but I hate Ghost Hunters and why I unabashedly love Stephen King but I absolutely refuse to entertain people’s idiotic fantasies about the places I explore being haunted.

That wraps up this episode of Found Things! Next week I’ll take you on a visual tour of an intense and disgusting tunnel hunt. (That’s what he said)


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