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Julia Wertz is a professional cartoonist, amateur historian and part time urban explorer/photographer. She made the comic books The Fart Party vol 1 and vol 2and the graphic novels Drinking at the Movies, and The Infinite Wait and Other Storiesboth of which were nominated for Eisner Awards. Her last book was Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection, and her newest book, tentatively titled The Dirty Boulevard, containing history comics and cityscapes, will be released in fall of 2017. She currently does a monthly comics and illustration for the New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, the New York Times, and a monthly comic with her brother, for the Believer. Her photography of abandoned places has appeared in The New York Post, the Daily Mail and some local rags. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she spent a decade in New York City, where her apartment was a subject of debate. As of summer 2016, she is in transition on the west coast.

You can read some of her comics at Museum of Mistakes, and see her research and photos of abandoned places on Adventure Bible School.

Exploring: You can read an extensive and serious explanation of why I love exploring, or you can just watch this Sesame Street skit from 1982 called Bert and Ernie in a Pyramid. Bert’s attitude succinctly sums up how I feel about exploring, from the love of facts/history to old, dark tunnels. Ernie embodies everything that annoys me about many peoples’ attitudes toward abandoned places and ghosts, until he starts singing and dancing, and if I could incorporate those things into exploring, you know I would.

Email: You can email me at juliajwertz(at)gmail(dot)com but please know that for the most part, I do not give out location or access information. I will make a few exceptions based on your experience, and/or if we have mutual friends, but if you’re new to exploring and looking for info on how to break into something, I’m not going to tell you because it is a liability for me. Thanks for understanding. Also, please do not send me links to articles about abandoned places, unless it’s something unknown, like you found a cool abandoned place no one knows about. But if a list of “Top 10 Abandoned Amusement Parks” or some bullshit on Buzzfeed, just please don’t.

Cops: If you’re trying to contact me for legal issues or to bust me for trespassing, please know that the dates on this website are not congruent with the dates I visited the sites. I am aware of the statute of limitations on trespassing and take that into consideration when posting. Basically, I’m not an idiot, so don’t waste your time.


You can contact me for everything at juliajwertz(at)gmail(dot)com, but if you insist on doing it the businessy way, please contact my agent Michelle Brower at michelle(at)foliolit(dot)com

For review copies of my books, please contact:

The Infinite Wait & Other Stories– info(at)koyamapress(dot)com

Drinking at the Movies– info(at)koyamapress(dot)com

Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection– rachel(at)atomicbooks(dot)com

And then of course there’s all that internet junk:

Adventure Bible School – my other website about urban exploring




Flickr– urban exploring/abandoned places photos only

Amazon– my wish list

Pizza Island– now inactive,  this site is a homage to what was once a studio in Greenpoint that consisted of six cartoonists/friends. We disbanded in 2013, for various reasons.


Goodreads– be a pal and review one of my books if ya want!



Contact/Commenting: Please do not leave a comment, just use the email provided and I will get back to you.