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Perpetual disclaimer as of April 2015: The majority of my Adventure Bible School posts from here on out will be mostly photography based, as my work projects are now taking up all my time. I’ll be doing a monthly installment of comics based on secret NYC history stuff for the New Yorker, as well as working on an illustration gig and my own book, Impossible People. If you want to read posts here with more in-depth historical backgrounds, they’re on the first 50 or so posts starting from the bottom of the archives.

navy hospital

The Brooklyn Naval Hospital is on the grounds of the perpetually changing Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is half abandoned, half commercial/office/film studio space. The hospital opened in the 1930’s and was decommissioned in the 70’s. The hospital catered to injured soldiers and veterans, its peak usage being during WWII. I don’t have exteriors of the hospital itself, being that it’s not a wise idea to run around the navy yard willy nilly taking photos, unless you go on a legit tour.

navy hospital

IMG_0234 copy navy hospital  navy hospital


View of Brooklyn from the attic.

navy hospital navy hospital  navy hospital  navy hospital

My favorite part was these little “razor drops” which you drop used blades into, and they just fall into the walls. It was a popular thing  back in the day, and caused problems during reconstruction when tearing the walls apartment meant dealing with piles of rusty razor blades.

navy hospital  navy hospital


navy hospital


The Surgeon General’s house is on the grounds, and it’s fancy as fuck. All the rest of these photos are of the house.


navy hospitalnavy hospital



navy hospital

navy hospital


There’s a weird mini atrium thing going on in the attic that looks like a time machine. If anyone knows exactly what this is, let me know.



Admiral’s Row: Along Flushing Ave, you can see a block of decaying houses behind a fence (how a solid fence you can’t see through, but at the time of these photos, it was just a wrought iron fence.) They were used to house important military personal and their families.

admirals row admirals row admirals row admirals row admirals row admirals row admirals row

You can see more photos on my Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Flickr set.


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