Dec 152015

Not much has been written about Birchwood, probably because out of all the abandoned resorts in the Poconos, Birchwood is the most boring. But that also means it’s nice to shoot because it hasn’t been destroyed, like that shithole Penn Hills. Birchwood was a quiet honeymoon resort, that like most Poconos resorts, had a heyday in the 60’s and saw a rapid decline leading to mass closures in the 80’s and 90’s. Birchwood was briefly resurrected in the news when a convicted cop-killer Eric Frein was caught hiding in the airplane hanger at the Birchwood airport. Birchwood is owned by the guy who owns Spa Castle in Queens, and he plans to open another spa castle at Birchwood. That means the resort will be demolished. But he’s been sitting on those plans since 2008, so who knows.

Poconos Resort


Poconos Resort  Poconos Resort

Poconos ResortIMG_2374IMG_2356Poconos ResortPoconos ResortPoconos ResortPoconos Resort  Poconos ResortPoconos ResortPoconos Resort 



The airplane hanger Eric Frein hid out in.

Poconos Resort  IMG_2357 Poconos Resort  Poconos Resort   Poconos ResortPoconos ResortPoconos Resort

See more photos of Birchwood on flickr.

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