Apr 152014
GALLERY: Greystone Park State Hospital

FYI: “Gallery” posts mean mostly photos instead of my usual half photos/half writing posts. I do gallery posts when I’m saving the history write ups for a later date.  I’ve been hoarding my Greystone photos for a couple of years now, with plans to use them for an entirely separate blog about Greystone, because I have more photos, history and trivial tangents for it than can fit in a single post. But New Jersey recently [...read more...]

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Mar 272014
Greenpoint Hospital

At a time when New York City real estate is stupid expensive, and historic landmarks are being turned into high rises that look like a game of Tetris, it’s surprising when anything remains abandoned, especially large buildings like the Greenpoint Hospital in Brooklyn. Before I get into the tedious history stuff, I’ll just jump right to the fun part: This is the hospital where Frank Serpico was taken in 1971 after he was shot in [...read more...]

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Mar 172014
GALLERY: Harlem Valley State Hospital

I’m going to start doing gallery posts, meaning mostly photos, just to get some of the places I’ve explored up and out before I forget. I’ll preface each post with the briefest of location history outlines, but full histories will be posted later, whenever I have some kind of magical life in which I have tons of time to devote to this project. It seems like a good time to run some Harlem Valley photos, [...read more...]

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Mar 062014
Ball Bearing Factory

This is a quick post of mostly pictures, because I don’t want to give away the location of this site. As you’ll see in the photos, there’s an entire room of old car engines, and I don’t want to be responsible for some dingdong stealing/erroneously refurbishing with counterfeit parts/reselling them to some shady car dealer who installs them into an unsuspecting housewife’s van who’s on carpool duty that day and while she’s cruising down the [...read more...]

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Feb 282014
Harriman Chemical Plant

The history of this Chemical plant in Harriman reads like a painfully predictable movie script about a Big Bad Chemical Company near a Quaint Little Town where residents claim abnormally high cancer rates. Situated almost comically close to the local well and a school, the plant began operations in 1942 and was widely despised until its closing in 2005. It manufactured “pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediate chemicals used in herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals,” the waste [...read more...]

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Feb 132014
Greycourt Women's Prison- La Guardia Men's Homeless Shelter

Remember awhile ago when I said I was gonna phone it in for places I don’t have time to research? This post is a prime example of that. Why do I not have the time, you didn’t ask? Well I’m very busy staring out my window at the snow storm and listening to melancholy music. See for yourself! These buildings started out as Greycourt Farm Colony- a woman’s prison- in 1918. It covered 258 acres of [...read more...]

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Feb 112014
Found #5

Time for another addition of Found Things! As always, many of these images and captions are taken directly from my Instagram, so my apologies if you already follow me and some of these are repeats. These toothbrushes have been an on-running joke at Hudson for many years, after they were made famous by Christopher Payne’s photograph. Since then, the toothbrushes have been removed, scattered and stolen, so they appeared to be gone completely. But some of us knew where [...read more...]

Feb 062014
Homowack Lodge

I’ve been slow to update this site for two reasons: 1) I have a very serious day job that takes up all of my time and 2) I keep tying my brain in knots by telling myself my research has to be extensive and my writing thorough. But then I realized something important, (a revelation that’s probably applicable to most things I drive myself mental over) which is NO ONE CARES. So, I’m still going to do [...read more...]

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