Aug 052015
Photo Gallery: Hudson River State Hospital

Hudson River State Hospital is something of an urban exploring legend. It’s been abandoned for a little over a decade, during which time I became the most almost indisputably the photographed abandoned asylum in the states. Hudson is a ridiculously polarizing topic in the exploring community (a community I remain purposefully removed from, with the exception of a small handful of people who don’t annoy me.) Many explorers get really snooty about Hudson, claiming it’s […read more…]

Jul 132015
RIP Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital

On July 12th 2015, the best abandoned building at Middletown Psychiatric Center burned down. (Top photo c/o Middletown Fire Dept.) Previously known as the Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital (and State Homeopathic Asylum) the large brick building was the oldest and most historically significant structure on the campus. I’ve been holding onto my photos of Middletown for a future printed book, but it seems appropriate now to go ahead and publish them online. Built in 1874, […read more…]

Jun 152015
Loew's Poli Palace, Majestic Theatre & Savoy Hotel photo gallery

Quick background about the theaters: Although separate theaters, both the Poli Palace and Majestic Theatre share the same building, along with the abandoned Savoy Hotel, in Bridgeport, CT. The theaters opened in 1922. The Majestic closed in 1971, and the Poli Palace in 1975. They’re currently owned/maintained, so they’re in fairly good condition, and the Majestic is used for prop and costume storage. The theaters began with vaudeville and silent films, moving into major motion […read more…]

May 272015
the New York World's Fair

To read about the history of the New York World’s Fair (and its lampposts) please go to the New Yorker to read my comic about it. The second to last panel has a very romantic surprise, if you’re into that kinda thing. Spoiler alert: he said yes. Then come back here to enjoy this gallery of photos.   The comic references this post I did on Penn Hills, where I first discovered the relocated World’s Fair lampposts. […read more…]

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Apr 292015
Bottle Beach at Dead Horse Bay

To read about the history of Bottle Beach and Dead Horse Bay, please go to the New Yorker to read my comic about it! Then come back here to enjoy this gallery of photos. These round bottom bottles were made in the mid 1800’s and up. It’s fairly rare to find something like this still intact at Bottle Beach. Many bottles have been strung up on a downed tree at the shoreline over the years. […read more…]

 04/29/2015  abandoned misc., New York, NYC
Apr 052015
Brooklyn Navy Yard: Naval Hospital & Admiral's Row

Perpetual disclaimer as of April 2015: The majority of my Adventure Bible School posts from here on out will be mostly photography based, as my work projects are now taking up all my time. I’ll be doing a monthly installment of comics based on secret NYC history stuff for the New Yorker, as well as working on an illustration gig and my own book, Impossible People. If you want to read posts here with more […read more…]

Feb 272015
Jayhawk State Theatre

The Jayhawk State Theater of Topeka Kansas was a permission visit during a road trip I took in 2013, so I don’t have any good stories for you. I also don’t have time to do discuss the theater’s history (beyond mentioning that it operated from 1926-1976) so this is just a gallery post. For said history, please go to After The Final Curtain.               For more photos, go to my Jayhawk State […read more…]

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