Jun 282016
Bodie, CA

Bodie is a ghost town open to the public, so I’m not going to write a history of it since you can just google it. Here’s a gallery of my photos of the town in 2016.                       See more photos of Bodie on Flickr.     SHARE

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Mar 102016
White Lake Mansion House

I stumbled across the White Lake Mansion House on accident, a few summers ago when I lost my goddamn mind and spent weeks exploring the Catskills and sleeping in my car by myself. But that is a long story, and for now I only have time for the short story of this house. The White Lake Mansion House is very easy to find, it’s right on CR 117 in Bethel, NY.  The cops patrol it vigilantly, but […read more…]

 03/10/2016  New York, resorts/hotels
Feb 262016
Februrary history comics

This month’s cityscape segment features for decades of the infamous Bowery club CBGB. To got Harper’s to see the rest!  This month’s history comic is Secrets of the Astor Place Subway Station, read the whole thing on the New Yorker ! To support my work, go here, or buy books, photography prints, artwork, bric-a-brac, hand made jewelry, and more on either my website store or Etsy.  SHARE

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Dec 152015
Birchwood Resort

Not much has been written about Birchwood, probably because out of all the abandoned resorts in the Poconos, Birchwood is the most boring. But that also means it’s nice to shoot because it hasn’t been destroyed, like that shithole Penn Hills. Birchwood was a quiet honeymoon resort, that like most Poconos resorts, had a heyday in the 60’s and saw a rapid decline leading to mass closures in the 80’s and 90’s. Birchwood was briefly […read more…]

Aug 052015
Photo Gallery: Hudson River State Hospital

Hudson River State Hospital is something of an urban exploring legend. It’s been abandoned for a little over a decade, during which time I became the most almost indisputably the photographed abandoned asylum in the states. Hudson is a ridiculously polarizing topic in the exploring community (a community I remain purposefully removed from, with the exception of a small handful of people who don’t annoy me.) Many explorers get really snooty about Hudson, claiming it’s […read more…]

Jul 132015
RIP Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital

On July 12th 2015, the best abandoned building at Middletown Psychiatric Center burned down. (Top photo c/o Middletown Fire Dept.) Previously known as the Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital (and State Homeopathic Asylum) the large brick building was the oldest and most historically significant structure on the campus. I’ve been holding onto my photos of Middletown for a future printed book, but it seems appropriate now to go ahead and publish them online. Built in 1874, […read more…]

Jun 152015
Loew's Poli Palace, Majestic Theatre & Savoy Hotel photo gallery

Quick background about the theaters: Although separate theaters, both the Poli Palace and Majestic Theatre share the same building, along with the abandoned Savoy Hotel, in Bridgeport, CT. The theaters opened in 1922. The Majestic closed in 1971, and the Poli Palace in 1975. They’re currently owned/maintained, so they’re in fairly good condition, and the Majestic is used for prop and costume storage. The theaters began with vaudeville and silent films, moving into major motion […read more…]

May 272015
the New York World's Fair

To read about the history of the New York World’s Fair (and its lampposts) please go to the New Yorker to read my comic about it. The second to last panel has a very romantic surprise, if you’re into that kinda thing. Spoiler alert: he said yes. Then come back here to enjoy this gallery of photos.   The comic references this post I did on Penn Hills, where I first discovered the relocated World’s Fair lampposts. […read more…]

 05/27/2015  abandoned misc., New York, NYC