Jul 282014
Found #7

Time for another addition of Found Things! As always, many of these images and captions are taken directly from my Instagram, so my apologies if you already follow me and have seen these.  But first- listen to Mike Dawson and me talk about Roz Chast’s Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? and Joe Matt’s Spent on the latest TCJ Talkies podcast. I’m also still selling pre-orders for Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection, coming out this September!   Plate prints from [...read more...]

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Jul 072014

All photography prints are $7 off in my Etsy store for a limited time. That is all. _______ If you’d like to contribute to my exploring/research efforts, please consider donating or purchasing something from me in my Etsy store. Any and all support is much appreciated.    SHARE

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Jul 022014
First German Reformed Church

Built in 1850, The Freeman Avenue United Church of Christ was first known as the First German Reformed Church. In 1918, they dropped the German part of the name due to the spreading anti-German sentiment following WWI. Good move, considering what happened about 20 years later. The church began to struggle financially in the 60’s, as the changing demographic and economic decline of the neighborhood saw a marked decrease in attendance. That’s a polite way [...read more...]

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Jun 092014
Museum of Mistakes- Preorder now!

 (Please note this is not the final cover,  it’s just a placeholder) Pre-order Museum of Mistakes- quick links, info follows: -Preview pages of Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection -For just the book, choose a package from the book section of my Etsy store. -To also buy original artwork, illustrations, handmade junk, photography prints or exploring treasures, go to the other listings in my store, sections listed to the left. -Contact me at juliajwertz(at)gmail.com if your [...read more...]

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May 252014
Road trip

Just a quick heads up that I’m leaving town for a week or two, going on a road trip in an easterly direction. The intention of this trip is to explore/research more places for Adventure Bible School, and while I’m keeping the cost as low as possible by camping, if you wanted to help out in any way, I’m still selling tons of artwork and handmade stuff in my Esty store. Besides original comics pages and small art pieces, [...read more...]

May 192014
Art sale!

I finally got around to posting original comics pages and illustrations in my Etsy store. There are about 100 pieces total for sale, a mixed bag- mostly old Fart Party comics, some illustrations, one single panels, pages from Drinking at the Movies and the Infinite Wait. If you can’t deal with Etsy but want a piece, feel free to contact me at juliajwertz(at)gmail.com so we can figure it out, either a direct paypal link or otherwise. I will have [...read more...]

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May 072014
The Red Hen

When I think of things I did NOT enjoy as a child, the list is surprisingly short: Math, bedtime, the tuna fish and crumbled soda crackers dinner my dad made when ma was at work (“because it’s simple, it’s what we ate while oversees in The War.”) and antiques. Not the antiques themselves, but the act of shopping for them. Few childhood memories still evoke that very specific type of hopeless dread I feel when [...read more...]

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Apr 212014
Found #6: Greystone Edition

Time for another addition of Found Things! As always, many of these images and captions are taken directly from my Instagram, so my apologies if you already follow me and some of these are repeats. This post is all stuff found at Greystone Park State Hospital. I try to avoid themed found lists, but as I stated in this gallery post, I’m pushing Greystone stuff due to its impending demolition. Letterhead/paper ephemera is one of the lesser [...read more...]