Jan 072015
Grafton State Hospital

In the ridiculous world of urban exploring, there is a common phenomenon one could aptly refer to as the “money shot,” meaning an explorer will spend all day dicking around in asbestos-laden rubble just to photograph one, infamous scene. The Grafton State Hospital hydrotherapy tubs are a prime example of that. But before I get into it, here’s a quick history: Grafton State Hospital was built in 1901 in Grafton, MA, as part of a [...read more...]

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Nov 172014
Athens Lunatic Asylum

I’ve spent the night at a couple of asylums over the years, mostly for photographic and legal reasons (like, you know, avoiding the cops and shit. I suppose “illegal” would have been a more appropriate word choice) but Athens was maybe one of the toughest nights I’ve had, despite being indoors and fairly warm. It was rough because I was trapped in a room with three snoring, farting dudes and I had the wicked road [...read more...]

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Nov 052014
Found #9: The Kennedy Telegrams

Before I get into this, please note that I am fully aware this “discovery” could be nothing more than simply a spectacular coincidence of names and dates, or a result of human error. These telegrams were handwritten decades before the digital, fact checked records kept by institutions today. That said, I’m choosing to indulge the more mysterious, conspiracy laden angle, because it’s fun. I’m also aware that entertaining a Kennedy conspiracy theory puts me in the [...read more...]

Oct 132014
Gallery: Glen Gardner Sanitarium

This post is just a photo gallery because I couldn’t give any less fucks about this place. Here’s a brief history: Originally called by the prosaic name of the New Jersey Sanitarium for Tuberculosis Diseases, it eventually became the Glen Gardner Sanitarium, and lastly, Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital. It opened in 1907 to treat tuberculosis before branching out to other diseases, briefly leading the name change of the New Jersey Hospital for Chest Diseases. In 1977 [...read more...]

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Sep 302014
Belton Court

Before I get into this, I need to cover two things. First: I’d just like to remind you, kind readers, that I do not give out location and trespassing information to people I do not know or who are not experienced explorers. I’m not withholding information out of a superiority complex, or just to be a dick, it’s for your own safety and my liability. Recently, I’ve gotten a number of emails requesting info, and [...read more...]

Sep 122014
SPX- signing hours and stuff for sale

Correction: My signing/selling hours at SPX are thus: Saturday 2-5 at the Atomic Books table, 5-7 at Koyama Press. Sunday 12-2 at Atomic Books.  Some business stuff to take care of, so bear with me: Museum of Mistakes: the Fart Party Collection debuts this weekend at SPX in Baltimore! I’ll be at the Atomic Books table Saturday around noon-4, then at the Koyama Press table from 5-7. I’m not sure what my hours at Atomic Books [...read more...]

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Aug 282014
Found #8: the Bones Edition

Time for another addition of Found Things! As always, many of these images and captions are taken directly from my Instagram, so my apologies if you already follow me and have seen these. This is the “Bones Edition” of Found Things, which is a photographic collection of bones and dead things I’ve found in various asylums, hotels and houses over the course of many years. These are from all different places, and I will not reveal the [...read more...]

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Aug 132014
New Jersey Water Works

This is a quick post, since there’s not a whole lot to say about this water factory, unless you feel the need to make a bunch of jokes about how water is made. But we all know that water is created when you sin and make God sad and then he cries and his tears are rain that falls to earth where we collect, sanitize and drink it, then pee it out, sanitize it again [...read more...]

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